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A competition open to all

Every year in June, the Cully winery organises a wine-tasting competition. It is part of the Vaud wine-tasting championship, the “Verre d'Or”.

The competition is held at the old wine press in the “Maison Jaune”, or Yellow House, in Cully, only a stone’s throw from the winery.

Two competitions are organised:


Like the famous competition held at the Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne every year, the challenge is to recognise 5 glasses of chasselas of the current vintage, each produced in a winemaking region of the canton of Vaud.

The ideal competition for beginners.

Millésimes blancs

More challenging, this competition involves recognising 6 vintages of the same wine. 


Caveau des Vignerons de Cully - Ouverture JE/VE/SA/DI de 17h à 21 h (de mai à octobre, fermé en hiver)